The following is a guide to the criteria the Grants Panel use to consider applications. Each application is considered on its individual merits and contribution to the sporting community.

  • The Affiliation Fee is £30 p.a. for the year from 1st April to 31st March.
  • Grant or Bursary applications must be from an affiliated non-profitable club or after school club. Grants may be either to a Club or a Bursary to a talented individual.
  • In order to be considered by the Grants Panel applications must be completed on the appropriate Sport Milton Keynes application form supported by the appropriate documentary evidence. These are available from the Sport Milton Keynes website at They should be sent by e-mail only. All applications must be typewritten. No handwritten applications, please! If you require support in completing an application or if you don’t have access to the internet please contact one of the committee for assistance.
  • Each grant application is assessed monthly by the Grants Panel and agreed by the Executive Committee. They may wish to contact the club to help them in reaching their decision. Information on the Executive Committee members is available from the Sport Milton Keynes website.

Applications are considered for the following:

  • Start-up Grants – £500 (maximum).
  • Recognised Coaching courses up to a maximum of £500 – at the discretion of the Committee.
  • Initiatives benefiting the community (e.g. First Aid, Child Protection, Leadership Courses.)
  • Equipment up to a maximum of £500. A breakdown of costs will need to be itemised on the Grant Application. We exclude clothing, general maintenance/repairs, equipment replacement costs, wages and rent.
  • Bursaries for talented individuals – maximum of £300. This must be applied for and supported by a senior club official. The Bursary will be paid directly to the club, who will then pass this on to the individual.

Normally a maximum of two Grants and two Bursaries will be awarded to an Affiliated Club in any one year. All Grant applications (not Bursaries) must, as a minimum, be matched by at least a 25% contribution from the Club. The Grants Panel has authority to vary this in exceptional circumstances.

In the event of an application being rejected for any reason, the member will be notified and where possible, alternative sources of funding will be suggested. A copy of the Club’s Constitution may be requested and this should include an equal opportunities policy.

It is a condition of the Grant and/or Bursary that the recipient will be asked to provide either receipts or feed back on performance associated with the Grant. An ‘End of Grant’ Feedback Form should be completed and returned to Sport Milton Keynes. Grants to an Affiliated Club for the same project or to an individual may not necessarily be repeated each year.

Should the Club cease to exist within twelve months this must be communicated as soon as possible to Sport MK and any money not used for the stated purposes of the grant should be returned. If the grant has been used for equipment then the club together with Sport MK will seek to re-distribute this within the local sporting community.

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