Volunteering Policy & Procedures


Sport MK recognises that the activity of volunteering can provide a volunteer with experiences and opportunities for self and career development.  Sport MK also recognises that volunteers’ help can make an appropriate and significant contribution to its work and service objectives.  Our policy defines the terms and sets out the principles, practices and procedures which Sport MK follows in the appointment and management of volunteers.


Volunteers are individuals who put their experience, knowledge and skills at the disposal of Sport MK free of charge, with the primary aim of helping the organisation to achieve its service objectives and/or with the primary aim of bringing benefit to the local community, society and the environment.

Recruitment and selection of volunteers

  • Sport MK values the contribution made by volunteers and recognises that the volunteering relationship is a reciprocal one.
  • Currently we have no formal procedures for recruitment and selection of volunteers. We recruit volunteers through a variety of channels, such as our website, social media and other local volunteering groups.
  • Volunteers will be invited to submit their CV along with a covering letter outlining their expression of interest in the role.
  • Volunteers will not be required to make a specific time commitment. All volunteer contributions will be valued.
  • Volunteers will be invited to attend a monthly meeting informing directors of their task progress. This will also give the volunteers an insight to how the directors run and operate Sport MK.


It is important to Sport MK that volunteers feel welcome and are inducted into their role so that they feel comfortable and know what is expected of them. The length and exact content of induction will vary depending on the volunteer’s role. This will normally include an introduction to Sport MK, who we are, what we do, and where the volunteer’s role fits into this together with 

  • Information about conduct, standards etc.
  • Information on who will be their main point of contact.
  • Relevant health and safety information.
  • Information about expenses if applicable.
  • Information about what to do if they are unhappy with any element of their volunteering.

Conduct of volunteers

  • We are open to participation by people with a diverse range of abilities and outlooks. We do expect our volunteers to follow reasonable instructions, and not do or say anything which compromises the safety of themselves, other volunteers, directors or which compromises the reputation, integrity or work of Sport MK.
  • Where a volunteer does not meet or comply with these minimum standards of behaviour, or turns out to be unsuitable for their chosen role, we will work with them to identify opportunities which are more suited to their skills, or to mutually overcome obstacles to their involvement.
  • In the rare case that obstacles cannot be overcome the volunteering will have to cease.

Equal opportunities

  • Sport MK adopts an equal opportunities policy for each volunteer regardless of his or her sex, marital status, religion, disability, colour, race, or ethnic origin. All decisions are based solely on the relevant merits and abilities of each individual.
  • Volunteers who have not reached the age of 18 must provide a copy of the written consent of a parent or guardian prior to volunteering. 


  • Volunteers will be covered by appropriate insurance while carrying out Sport MK duties.
  • This does not extend to personal possessions and/or vehicles.