Grants Policy & Procedures

Sport MK strives to enhance and support stakeholders and individuals involved in sports. All applications must be for the benefit of stakeholders & communities in the Unitary Authority Area of Milton Keynes or individuals resident in this same area.  Each application will be considered on its individual merits and contribution to the Milton Keynes sporting community.

Funding Programs(full details are outlined on our website)

  • Start-up Grants.
  • Recognised Coaching courses.
  • Courses benefiting the community.

Grants Panel & Scoring

The Grants Panel is a subcommittee of Sport MK. Each panel member independently scores every application. If there is a split decision the Sport MK chair will also score the application. Normally a maximum of two Grants and two Bursaries will be awarded to an affiliated stakeholder in any one year.  Each application is assessed on the following.

Stakeholder Membership

  • The Affiliation Fee of the stakeholder is paid to date.
  • At least 25% of the project cost has already been raised.
  • The stakeholder has not exceeded two Grants and two Bursaries in the year.

Need and Demand

  • The stakeholder has provided evidence that there is a real need for the project.
  • The project has a clearly defined purpose.
  • For requests to purchase equipment, it is clear why these are necessary.


  • There is a good track record of managing accounts, grants and projects.


  • The stakeholder is well placed to carry out the project.
  • The stakeholder possesses the skill to ensure that it is delivered effectively.


  • The project will bring long term benefits to both stakeholder and its members.
  • The project is ‘good value for money’


  • The project is an innovative development for sport in Milton Keynes.



It is a condition of the Grant and/or Bursary that the recipient will be asked to provide feedback on performance associated with the award. An ‘End of Grant’ form should be completed and returned, with receipts to Sport MK. Not returning this form will affect whether future Grants are awarded. Grants to a stakeholder for the same project or to an individual may not necessarily be repeated each year.

Should the stakeholder cease to exist within twelve months, this must be communicated as soon as possible to Sport MK. Any money not used for the stated purposes of the grant should be returned. If the grant has been used for equipment then the stakeholder together with Sport MK will seek to re-distribute this within the local sporting community.

Conflict of Interest

Any individual with an interest in or association with a grant applicant stakeholder shall declare it. They will also not be permitted to score the project.

Variations to this policy

The panel may vary the terms of this policy at its discretion.

Applications must be complete by the relevant deadline to be included in the coming round. Applications received which are missing documentation or substantive information are not considered complete. Incomplete applications may be withdrawn from the round.

We cannot fund

  • Core costs not related to specific project delivery, except in exceptional circumstances.
  • Statutory activities, or purchase of equipment that will become the property of a statutory body.
  • Animal welfare.
  • Projects involving political or campaigning activities.
  • Projects promoting religion or religious beliefs.
  • Retrospective costs (anything that has already been bought or committed to).
  • Medical Research or treatment.
  • Deficit funding or repayment of loans.
  • Unspecified expenditure.
  • Events or activities where the primary purpose is or includes fundraising.
  • Re-granting.
  • Projects not benefiting people from Milton Keynes.
  • Second-hand equipment.